Film is Not Dead

The one and only, awe-inspiring Jose Villa just posted these sweet shots from our wedding on his blog. He originally came out to shoot Super 8 video but couldn't leave the medium format camera at home. We ended up with some bonus images that are breathtaking and as 'fine art' as 'fine art' gets. It's a little weird seeing my wife and I looking all elegant and very 'Jose Villa'.

Jose is an incredible photographer and an amazing new friend. Even after the wedding industry turned to digital Jose has held on to his love and passion for the look and feel of film. Almost unexpectedly this has created a niche for Jose as a 100% film shooter in an otherwise digital industry. There have been countless articles published about Jose's work and he is beginning to speak across the country about the continued relevance of film.

We are both thrilled and honored to have Jose in our lives as an inspiration and a friend.