Something Sacred store now open!

My friend Jon just launched a flagship store for his company, Something Sacred, which has been selling clothing all over the country and even the world. I love the mixture of business, art and soul that Jon brings to otherwise simple garments. This is a picture of Something Sacred’s founding family; Jon and his wife Lealah and they’re two rough and tumble boys; Jadon and Simeon Broyles. These guys are some of our best friends. I met Lealah in my first Algebra class at Junior College so many years ago. We snickered and made jokes when the teachers back was turned but we didn’t become real friends until Jon began pursuing her. Jon has been somewhat of a mentor and close friend throughout the years. I’ve been honored to watch them get married, grow their family and build a successful clothing business.

They sell to such clothing stores as Antique Orange, Metro Park, Electric Chair and even Urban Outfitters.

Here is their history as stated on the website :
"Something Sacred was established on paper in 1998, however it has always been a dream for founder Jon Broyles. Jon's inherent love of music, clothing, creating and especially people has been the building blocks that have established this company. The earlier Something Sacred was primarily a music label that focused on band development: releasing albums and assisting musicians in getting greater record contracts. The company itself was centered around the music industry as Jon began fostering relationships with musicians, industry people, and the fans.

Clothing and music seem to go hand in hand and soon people were asking for clothing that would represent their affiliation with Something Sacred. A few select t-shirts branding the name were made and soon an entire subculture was born. Something Sacred became an identity brander that crossed cultural divides creating a demographic all its own.

Through the popularity of its clothing, Something Sacred's direction became more evident as the focus became more on creative, thoughtful, art driven design on practical, comfortable clothing. Although it originated as a music label Something Sacred is now considered by many one of the few companies who emphasizes the need for clothing with a meaning rather than fashion forward design. This being one of Something Sacred’s core values the company has aligned itself with a nonprofit organization in attempts to bridge the gap between consumerism and philanthropy.

Something Sacred now umbrellas all of the elements Jon envisioned, with influences from music, an appreciation for creative thought provoking design, deeper messages found in the world's great literature, the giving of resources to people in need, and of course a spirit of love and thankfulness to all the people who make this company what it is, truly SOMETHING SACRED."

So, next time you are coming through San Luis be sure to swing by Something Sacred and pick up some of the hot new designs. 12306 Los Osos Valley Rd.
San Luis Obispo, CA [between the Honda and Toyota dealerships].