I Heart Bakersfield!

Doug and Megan are a beautiful couple with style, lots of love and a great sense of 'cool'. Because they were getting married in the heat of Bakersfield they're wedding didn't start until 7pm. Which meant most of the portraits had to be shot before the wedding. Doug’s father recently purchased an abandoned brewery which he has been cleaning up and getting ready for commercial space. In the meantime it served us as an awesome location for pictures of the family, bridal party and especially the couple. There wasn’t a lot of light in all of the rooms so I had to be creative within the means. It was fun to be stretched by such a different environment!

How did I land a wedding in Bakersfield? Well... Last April I shot Doug’s cousin's wedding. At first I was nervous about photographing in Bakersfield because I am spoiled with the diverse locations here on the Central Coast. While there wasn’t a lot to work with, I pulled off some amazing shots on a pine tree covered hill in between the hotel parking lot and the street. With some backlighting and an angle that cropped out everything manmade the pictures looked like they could have been taken in Yosemite... Well, almost. Needless to say last Friday I was back in Bako enduring the heat and having lots of fun with Doug and Megan’s family and friends.

They definitely know how to make beauty out of the ordinary. All it takes is a little creativity and lots of love. I love it when couples create a logo for their invitations and wedding display. Check out some of their engagement pictures on a recent blog post.