Post #100! Happy Birthday Me

Today was my birthday. I am officially twenty-eight! I'm excited to continue living this life to the fullest potential. I want to do my best to live in the moment with hope for eternity, to Love those around me from a selfless heart, to take big risks and have grand adventures, to grow old gracefully, to create and facilitate community, to begin raising a family, to believe in people's dreams, to make my wife feel like the luckiest girl alive, and to give God all of the glory.

Because I love art; my wife asked our friend, James McCarthy to craft my birthday present. Anna asked him to draw us and to put his heart and style into it. He drew this amazing picture of us sitting in our dining room based off of a picture Jeff Newsom shot for our engagement session. James is amazingly talented and has been drawing since we became friends in Jr. High. He is like a brother to me so I am honored to have a work of his art hanging proudly on my wall. It is a mixed media piece with ink, pencil, and coffee. James you are awesome!