James + Kate in Limkiln

We took James and Kate on one of the fun-est Monday engagement adventures you could possibly go on. Because they live clear up in the San Francisco area we decided to meet halfway to do their session. We had a perfect lunch in Cambria at Robins and then they followed us up HWY 1 in search of Limekiln National Park.

The forest lies just through the mountain right off of the highway. Driving by you would never know it was there; all tucked away like a magical kingdom. We walked up the trail to the kilns and found these amazing pockets of light to play in as we went. I really can’t plan scenes like this. They just happen and they almost find me more than I find them.

We found out that Kate and James are yearly Ren Faire attendees as well as devoted fans of Lord of the Rings. I couldn't help but make jokes about Orcs and Ents during our time there. If the trees could talk then they would definitely at Limekiln.

James and I crawled into one of the kilns to check it out. I got the shot for his solo album if he ever makes one. ;)

This location was especially special to Anna and I because we had our first ever ‘non-date-hang-out-hike’ there. I remember telling myself to do whatever it took to not fall ‘in like’ with her. I think I was able to hold out for another year or so before we started dating and now look! Beware of the friendship hikes! Here are some infrared shots we got from our non-date. We were thrilled to go back out there and share our special place with James and Kate. You guys are a wonderful couple and you compliment each other so much. We can’t wait for your wedding next month!