Phone-tography {Top 50-ish}

I am a phone-tographer. Its really more of a hobby than a profession. I love the fact that when I am not carrying around my big camera, I can at least get a low-res snapshot and catch random life moments. Tragically, people never get around to doing anything with their phone-tographs and some pretty amazing moments can get lost when a phone takes a dive into a puddle of water for example. So I figured I would finally do something with my favorite phone-tographs by posting them for the world to see. Here is my life over the past couple of years as seen through the lens of my Palm Treo.

This is perhaps my favorite phone-photo ever. I took my nephew Sam to the bathroom at Costco one afternoon. I really wish I had shot this with a camera something more than 2 mega pixels!

Overlooking Las Vegas with Jaydon Broyles from a hotel room at Mandalay Bay.

This trip to Vegas is where I coined the famous saying; When in Vegas; Be Vegas!

Ran into Dog The Bounty Hunter on the strip. He said to me, {Im working bruda, Im working.}

Before I was married to Anna, I would send her self-portraits anytime I was out of town.

An invitation for a pancake dinner is best sent by text. Unfortunately Jeremy said no. I havent offered him pancakes since.

Sleepy Sam.

Disco party?

A couple of years ago Jeff Newsom and I toyed with the idea of joining forces and adding a high-end option to our packages so that our clients could get an Ingalls-Newsom hybrid product. We created a business name and a morphed version of our faces. We were going to call the company {William Scott} the combination of our middle names.

Text to Anna: Should I buy this jacket?

The most divine and beautiful rainbow experience of my life and all I had to capture this fleeting moment was my trusty camera phone. It looked 1 million times more amazing in real life!

Cheek kisses.

So volatile! And who is that lady in the background?

Sunset over Shell Beach.

Sunday after church BBQ with the boys.

Car S-A-E-L! {Im embarresed that this is actually where I bought my car years before this photo was taken}

Kate on skates.

Uncle humor.

Good friends Sunnie and Simon Jones. When I shot their engagement session a few years ago it changed the way I took pictures.

I took Anna on a surpise 25th birthday adventure to the Magic Castle in Hollywood. We had dinner upstairs and then watched a couple of magic shows. When the magician asked for a volunteer. I waved one arm and pointed with the other to Anna and shouted {Its her birthday}. She was humiliated and we loved it! She had to choose a card which its identity was later revealed on a piece of toast. We werent allowed cameras in the castle. Luckily I was packing my trusty camera phone.

Knitting Factory in Hollywood. The band Hem opened up for Over The Rhine and practically stole the show. I have a Hem song that plays on my website.

The quickest way to a girls heart. Muscle messages.

Anna and I get our hairs done at Reveal Salon. She is going to love me for this!

Guissepes Martinis with smoky dry ice and friends.

More self portraits sent to Anna on the way to Boston for a wedding.

Simon and I wandered the city one night and ended up playing pool in a non-touristy bar with a bad open mic night going down. We loved it!

For our first Valentines day I bought Anna this tandem cruiser secretly because it was a gift for both of us and I kinda thought we would stay together. This bike later became the symbol for our wedding invitations. Marriage is all about working together. As fun as riding this bike was it was also frustrating and scary at times. Frustrating when you felt like the other person wasnt pulling their weight and scary when sitting in the back seat. Riding this bike has showed me how at times I need to lead and at times I need to follow and both of us need to trust and communicate in kindness, love and patience.

Sunburned and shooting a wedding in Florida loving my 70-200 and sending yet another self-portrait to the girl of my dreams.

Debra is a pirate.

Watching Pirates.

Newsom deformed.

Newsom on scooter. I shot this while driving his wifes scooter. Really glad I didnt crash or drop my cell phone!

A tribute to the Newsoms and the awkwardness of CCWP. Enough said.

Before we {dated} we rode a lot of bikes. I was just hanging out with my best friend.

Flying to NYC. For Anna.

First time in Time Square.

Watching my new brother in laws wedding video made me lol! I had to pause it and message this shot to Ryan and Joel because they both look so young!

Curly Joe and Mullet Maloney. This photo shoot was for Anna when I helped her set up her myspace account. I phone-o-graphed a shot from my desktop. The start of a beautiful life together.

The beard had a life of its own. I look like a dirty street person wearing Annas earring. The night we started dating was the night I kissed her for the first time and the last night I had my burley beard.

My bachelor pad version of a highchair.

Joel Limpic and Ryan Delmore at my themed bowling birthday party. Ryan didnt comply with the theme. Joel did but I cant remember what the theme was. All I know is he was wearing Harry Potter glasses.

Jenny and Anna at the same party that I still cant remember the theme to.

A good friend and a good cup of coffee are things that you can take for granted every day but when your friend Chris Clark lives in Oklahoma City it becomes a real treat!

Jesus Rules! Catholic weddings give me lots of time to look around and shoot a couple of phone-tographs.

Simon Jones and I at Genoa, Nevadas Oldest Thirst Parlour. After Matt and Pams wedding, they and some of their friends headed across the street to this watering hole and we did too. Simon played pool with some drunk lady with serious anger issues who slammed her cue across the table when she sloppily missed the balls. I was afraid Simon was going to get killed!

I love this shot of Anna and I. She is wearing a necklace and earrings that I bought her in OKC. This was back when we were still just dating. I was wearing clothes that are now too small for me since we have been married for a year and now I eat more than 2 meals a day.

Well, thats all folks! If you are a fellow phone-tographer and you have a blog, do share your favorites with me!