Mike + Jen {Engagement, San Luis Obispo}

The first moment I laid eyes on Mike Newsom I think he was less than 14 years old playing guitar in the late great band {Watashi-wa}. He was a frivolous, showy, and an all over-the-place guitar player; he had natural born talent and loads of potential. Today Mikes brother, Jeff, tells me that he is a phenomenal guitar player! Its been fun seeing Mike grow up a bit over the years and I am so honored to be photographing his wedding this summer.

Mike and Jen are like 2 peas in a pod. They have been together for 7 whole years! If you hung out with them you almost wouldnt know they are engaged to be married. You might just think they are best friends because of how incredibly comfortable they are in each others presence. And that is what is so awesome about their relationship; it is a best friendship kind of love that propels them into spending the rest of their lives together.

Mike reminded me that he isnt good in front of the camera. When I photographed his band years ago he was always the one with a big fat grin covering his face while the other band mates were trying their best to keep it cool. Mike is just perpetually happy. He said Tooth and Nail used to get mad at him because he couldnt hold a straight face. I told him that he didnt have to worry, because I wanted to simply capture who he is; who they are together. Knowing that PDA really isnt their thing we strove to get a lot of photos that showed off their awesome best friendship. We took our time exploring orange orchards and the sunlit forestry regions of the San Luis Obispo back roads.