Mike + Rachel Larson -2 Years and Counting

I was driving to my friends house the other day when I decided to try and get lost. As I put my right blinker on to turn down his familiar street, I glanced to my left and looked up a street I had never driven. Spontaneously, I flipped the lever and went up the hill. It dead-ended at a trail base of the back side of Madonna Mountain (a spot I had never been before). The hole in the fence and the {No Trespassing} signs all the more confirmed that this would be a sweet location for an engagement session. I mentally logged it in my photo-location-memory bank.

I try to make a habit of exploring the town I live and photograph in. New environments inspire me as much as photographing new couples. It forces me to be fresh and see them in not only new light, but a new location.

Yesterday my photographer friend Mike Larson asked me to shoot some last minute pictures of him and his wife on their two year anniversary. I asked him where he wanted to go and like most people said, {Wherever you want.} I had just the place!

We had a great time hanging with Mike and Rachel. They really are such a beautiful couple and really great friends. Heres to 2 years and counting!