Into The Digital Age

I have a profound respect for film. I always will. Film cameras are like Grandpa. He may be old and dusty, but he can still whoop your butt. There is a respect, appreciation and a fear that should fill your heart every time Grandpa is in your presence. Film is the same way. So many photography people want to debate these days. Film vs. Digital. RAW vs. JPEG. You say toe-may-toe I say toe-mah-toe. When it comes down to it my camera is simply a paintbrush. Sure my new {paintbrush} has lots of mega pixels and an LCD screen, but if I was ever lost in the wilderness of Yosemite caught in a shoot out with old-man Ansel Adams, you could be sure who would get the butt-whooping; yours truely!

I love art. I see photography as art; but I also love people who can create art through other mediums. I happened to see this piece at an art show in Oklahoma City (of all places) and just had to buy it. I talked to the artist {Jered Smith} a bit and asked him about the heart behind the piece. It is called {Into The Digital Age}. He shared with me that he was inspired because his girlfriend is a photographer; a film photographer. She loves film and wants to continue to shoot film, but it seems to be quickly fading into the digital age. This piece was created on the inside of a vintage book cover. Totally rad!

I used to shoot film. Thats where I started. I did the whole B&W processing in the darkroom business and really became obsessed with the entire photography process. Perhaps that is why I work so much on all of my images even though they are digital. I actually work on them especially because they are digital. I want my work to have the look and feel and color that film is so generous to put out while having the immediate gratification that digital offers.

Hope that you enjoy Jereds art. Who loves film? Please share your thoughts!