Michael + Katie's Wedding

I recently shot this wedding in my ol' stomping grounds of Paso Robles. Although, I'm not sure that I did much stomping while there, however, I did grow up there and... I did grow up down the street from Katie Maki. Katie’s older sister Sarah was in my class and I remember her as far back as first grade. This wedding was really fun because I saw people from high school that I haven’t seen in 10 years. I can’t believe it’s been 10 years! Does that mean I’m officially getting old?! I think so.

This wedding was so much fun because I have been slightly adopted by Katie’s mother (Rhonda) who I’ve been getting to know this past year due to the many letters and pictures updating me on Michael and Katie’s life. Check out this old blog post of a class picture Rhonda sent me last year. Simply amazing!

The wedding was hosted at Rancho Llano De Los Robles just outside Paso towards Nacimiento Lake. It was such a beautiful and cozy home with such hospitable owners. I was very impressed with their forethought and service to the bride's family, party, and to my assistant and myself. The owner has just incredible gardens all over the grounds making it such a personal and beautiful venue for a romantic wedding.

Because Paso can boil to tempuratures of 100-plus-degrees Katie planned her event for the early evening. We took time before the wedding to shoot pictures of the bridal party, the family portraits and also the couple. Michael waited in the garden with his back turned so that Katie could sneak up and reveal herself to him just minutes before their wedding. Rhonda and the bridesmaids stood by to watch Katie approach Michael for his first look. The girls ooh-ed and awe-ed and even shed a few tears while the couple had a (private) moment together.

I love little people!Thank goodness we broke away around 8-ish to take a couple more shots of the couple because the light was fantastic! D.J. Andy Morris graciously allowed me 10 minutes with the couple before speeches. I took them into a field just behind the house and was so thankful that we had that time together. Couples are always a bit more relaxed after the wedding, making for much more natural and joyful pictures. You guys are awesome! Thanks so much for having me participate in your amazing day!

View Michael and Katie's engagment pictures here.