Bryan + Cheryl

Bryan + Cheryl were married at a nice little church in Los Osos, CA and had their reception at the Embassy Suites of San Luis Obispo. I am again forced to post way more pictures than is blog-legal, but I just can’t control myself. The couple, bridal party, families, and guests were all so much fun all day long. Cheryl was one of the calmest brides ever. I didn’t even have to ask her how she was doing. The peace and joy that she wore was even more beautiful than her amazing wedding gown. Bryan and Cheryl were the ideal couple for me. This year has been full of adventurous couples and Bryan + Cheryl were no exception.

I was thrilled when Cheryl happily agreed to climb on top of the piano we found in her dressing room. And the dudes were co-operative enough to explore an abandoned house across the street from the church. After the ceremony the whole bridal party met us downtown for some shots in San Luis.

The reception was a lot of fun thanks to D.J. Mel ‘The 5 Footed Filipino' who did a club-house job of mixing songs and beats from everything from Mo-Town to Gwen Stephanie. I hope to add some photos from the party later.

Bryan + Cheryl choreographed a dance for their reception intro and practiced it one last time.