Meet David

Meet David. He is perhaps the coolest 9 year old I know. He is my nephew as of 7 months ago. Recently he told his grandma, {I want to be a photographer when I grow up, but my parents wont buy me a camera.} Kids say the darn-dest things when they want stuff! (Ahh, I miss the days of easy-to-manipulate grandparents.) So she gave him her old Polaroid camera; complete with a couple of rolls of old film.

Sunday afternoon while we were hanging out with the family I told him we needed to go on a photography adventure. We walked down the street looking for good light and sweet spots. I would point out where the light filtered through the trees nicely and suggest shooting there to start. Then I would ask him where he wanted to shoot. Here is the first shot he snapped of me. I love it! I am so going to make him my photo-assistant slave someday!

That camera hanging around my neck was passed on to me by Annas grandmother who just left this world. I am excited to buy some old film and start shooting with it in honor of lovely Genevieve!