Big Folio -the bf/ stop

My friends over at Big Folio asked me to join their blogging team! Big Folio makes updateable websites for photographers. I met them a few years back in Vegas at WPPI. When I asked Mike where they were from he told me Arroyo Grande. AG is 15 minutes from where I live in SLO town! We quickly realized that we knew a lot of the same people. They actually got started after doing an easily updateable photography website for my friend Kenny Morgan several years ago. They shopped around their websites to some photogs on the internet and their business exploded!

They really offer a fantastic service to photographers who want to keep fresh and internet savvy for an affordable price.

I will be posting weekly articles and daily images at the bf/ stop. Considering all of the new photographers that email me with questions every week I think it will be a good outlet for me. I love helping people pursue their dreams and so I offer a lot of information about my experience to those who simply ask. I will be able to turn some of my weekly conversations into articles and stories for the The Big Folio blog so that hopefully I can help out more people at once.

If you are a photographer or even simply aspiring, check out Big Folios amazing service. And if you are looking for tips and secrets or want to learn a bit from my experiences (good and bad) bookmark the bf/ stop and drop me some comments!