Matt + Tara + Olivia {Engagement, Santa Barbara}

Matt and Tara decided that they wanted to have Matts daughter Olivia along for their engagement session. She practically stole the show! However, I was able to get some great moments between Matt and Tara when my wife Anna was distracting/photographing Olivia. She was such the little super model! She even assisted directing Matt and Tara during the shoot. She told her dad, {You need to give her something!} After he didnt comply she handed him a crispy brown leaf as a token of his undying love for his soon-to-be bride.

We met up at their house in the foothills of Santa Barbara. Everywhere we looked there were incredibly beautiful backdrops! We walked down their driveway to a creek and then drove a couple of bends away to this gorgeous stone bridge from 1919. Then we spent a couple more minutes winding our way through the hills to a serene monastery overlooking the coastline. I couldnt believe how breathtaking the view was.

Olivia is an expert hula-hooper. She proudly demonstrated her skills! After I asked her to frame her face with the hoop she said that she was glad I got that shot because she was going to request it anyways.

It was apparent that Tara and Olivia already have an intimate bond. They are going to make an awesome new family!

Olivia was up for anything! Posing like a statue on a pillar and even taking a little photography lesson from Anna.

Well, it turns out that Olivia did steal the session. Cute kids are just so hard to resist!