Introducing Super 8 Films!!!

I am thrilled to announce that I will be offering Super 8 Cinema coverage for all of my 2008 weddings and beyond! Super 8 is like having a music video of your wedding day. I saw my first Super 8 film at Jose Villas office a little over a year ago. I fell in love immediately! I have always wanted to experiment with video but never felt justified to divide my affection for photography, until I met Super 8. I simply adore its dreamy quality and its emotionally saturated presentation. It is a bit like photography but with movement and music.

Jose offered to shoot a little Super 8 at our wedding and what he captured was just as amazing and priceless as our photography coverage by Jeff Newsom. We adore our still photographs, but we also are so in love with the Super 8 that Jose shot.Together they tell our story in two distinctly different forms which compliment and express our most amazing day in such a powerful way.

All that said, I have for the past year been working on developing Super 8 Cinema as a product that I can offer my couples. Jose actually gave me my first roll of film to test out my Super 8 camera. My assistant Simon and I traded off shooting it at Mike and Alisas wedding last summer. This is the result!

I have two more movies to showcase as Super 8 samples. I will spread them out over the next couple of weeks.