Marty + Sarah {Engagement, Port Angeles, WA}

We had so much fun meeting Marty (my long lost 3rd cousin) and his bride to be, the beautiful Sarah. I wrote all about meeting the Ingalls side of my family for the first time in my previous post. It was truly amazing to meet these people that share my blood and my heart and who are really awesome as well!

We walked miles down a muddy trail around a lake to get these beautiful engagement/family pictures. It was definitely an adventure, but totally worth it! The boys were monkeys and they all played their age. The oldest was too cool for pictures while the younger two pulled faces anytime they were in the spotlight.

Sarah is really Gods redeeming grace to this family. They have been through so much over the years and Sarah has completly embraced them as her own. It was amazing to see the special bond that is already forming between Martys boys and Sarah. Since this marriage involves more than just Marty and Sarah, we wanted the engagement session to as well.

So they are getting married at this crazy art gallery that has a bunch of art pieces on display all over the property. These starched kids sweaters were really creepy. Creepy enough for a family picture even. ;)

We hiked around some lake on what was supposed to be a short walk to some bridge next to a devils punchbowl that Marty remembered going to years before. We slugged down the muddy trail for MILES and found a few little amazing spots. It was a lot of work, but it was worth it!

Marty was a bit disappointed that we didnt have any sunlight to work with. By the time we drove back to town the Port Angeles sunset had emerged from the high cloud layers. I am told that most overcast days end in an hour of glorious sunsets. We drove downtown chasing the light, loosing it behind buildings and hills. Finally down one ally we found the sun peaking over a warehouse. The only way for me to capture it was for them to climb up a dumpster; which they were more than willing to do. I love what resulted!

I freaking love you guys! Thank you for welcoming me into your family as family. I am so glad that you found me. Here is to many more years ahead of us to build friendship and memories that our past has robbed us of.