Charlie + Autumn {Engagement, Seattle, WA}

The day after we photographed Marty and Sarah we made the drive to Bainbridge Island where we boarded the ferry to Seattle. We felt like locals commuting to the city for a day of work. We really enjoyed the relaxing atmosphere aboard the boat. People were reading newspapers or chatting with friends. We agreed that it is way better than rush hour traffic in L.A.!

Charlie + Autumn met us at the ferry and led us around the city after a tasty little lunch at an Irish pub. We started out in Post Alley getting shots near the brick walls where we discovered an awesome 3 piece street band composed of 2 saw players and a crazed guitar player from the 70s.

Then we ventured around in the Seattle Library. I never knew a library could be so bad-ass. We took the elevator to the red-room where we found some sweet polka-dotted door. A red polka-dotted-see-through-door-are-you-kidding-me?! We made our way to the book section where Charlie and and Autumn picked up a couple of scripts. They were reading randomly and Charlie was cracking us all up including himself. I love the shot of him doubled over laughing! (he may hate it, but I loves it!)

We finished off the day at a monastery across town. It was a nice peaceful way to end the session. We had so much fun exploring Seattle and getting to know Charlie and Autumn. We look forward to the big day!

On our way back to Bainbridge Island we got this classic shot of Seattle. The B&W makes it look old; I love it!