Luis + Erika {Maravilla Gardens, Camarillo, CA}

Luis + Erika were married at the Marvilla Gardens in Camarillo. What a beautiful place! It is the combination of someones home, a wedding venue, and also a nursery (for plants not babies). The entire day was quite the celebration. They had a rocking group of family and friends, some of which flew in from Mexico!

I love shooting weddings all over California because I get to experience completely new venues and new people. It fuels my creativity by presenting me with new challenges and opportunities. I always try to shoot fresh and edgy while remaining true to who I am as a photographer. We got great shots of the couple before their reception, but the sunset was just too much to resist. I interrupted their dinner to invite them out for a 5-minute shoot in the lettuce field tucked behind the venue. Erika excitedly accepted and what turned out was just the icing on the cake for me. I love warm rich light! But even more I love the way Luis and Erika love each other. Great job guys. You really rocked it!

Its science! But it really looked like magic. The two become one.

These are some new friends that Simon and I made. They came all the way from Mexico. One of their home-boys actually snapped this shot of us.

Check out their engagement pictures!