Cameron + Alana {Wedding Picture Re-take, San Luis Obispo}

Cameron called me in a bit of post-wedding photography crisis. It has been a year since their wedding and their photographer has never delivered the goods. They have called and emailed and have just never received any final product. Instead of allowing the years to pass without capturing the essence of their newly married state they hired me for a little mock wedding day photo shoot. We had tons of fun running around San Luis Obispo taking their wedding photos in a few of my favorite locations. We shot in my backyard, at the red garages around the corner of my house, in a lonesome field in an undeveloped cul-de-sac, China Town, and finally the old abandoned insane asylum. They started out in their wedding attire and changed into regular clothes for some engagement looking photos. Talk about backwards! Anna and I had a lot of fun getting to know you guys. I hope you love your pictures!

Check out Camerons company: {Ephraim Clothing}. I actually shot some pictures so that my web designer could animate the site.