Global Night Commute

On April 29th of 2006 thousands of people all over the globe joined forces to bring awareness to a humanitarian crisis that has been happening right under our noses for a good 15 years. In Uganda Africa there is an army of children, abducted children that are made to murder and commit various atrocities in a rebel army's war. 2 years ago 3 young college students visited Uganda, discovered the story of the Invisible Children, made a documentary, and are leading a world mission to bring education and safety to the Night Commuters who travel 5+ miles every night to sleep in a crowded bus shelter in order to avoid abduction.

More than a week ago... Thousands.....and yes....Thousands of people hit the streets and walked to their town square to sleep together for one night to bring awareness to those who do it every night. the focus of Global Night Commute was to be noticed by the local media, to write letters to the Government, and mostly to encourage people to live lives that are spent making a difference, bringing positive change, and addressing social injustice around the globe. In a highly distracting culture of entertainment it was amazing to see so many people get out of their comfortable mansions and castles for one night of sleeping on the ground with hundreds of strangers.

I caught this one little boy writing a letter by lantern light,
"Dear Mrs. Boxer, Please help the kids from Uganda. From Noah Benson."
Even the smallest voice can be heard. I was struck with emotion when I thought of the kids his age for whom we were demonstrating. Noah Benson could have very well been born into a society where human life is not protected and where the children are invisible.