East & Waiting CD Release Show

My good friend Joel is leaving 'Hotel Cameron' today for his home in Oklahoma City. He used to live in SLO and when he did he would frequently crash at my place. We have gone on a few adventures together over the past few years of our friendship. Coming home from an airport one New Years Day Joel asked me what my dreams for that year were. I told him that I wanted to become a full-time wedding photographer. By the end of our conversation he challenged me to not only dream that year, but to really LIVE my dreams that year. That September of 2004 I took a huge leap of faith and quit my day job in order to 'live my dreams'. It was risky going into the winter months, but I knew I couldn't balance both jobs any longer. I had already booked 7 weddings for 2005 and was praying for more. By January of 2005 I had up to 20 weddings booked!!! ...and I remember stumbling around in a daze thinking, 'how am I going to survive?'. Well, I did survive 2005 and by the end of it had shot a total of 42 weddings! My dream had become a reality. I will always remember Joel's challenge to live my dreams, to not make excuses, and to trust that my life is a part of a greater and bigger dream of the ultimate dreamer, God himself.

Well, the whole reason I am telling you this story about my friend Joel's move to Oklahoma City was a part of his determination to live out his dreams. His amazing new band East and Waiting and this just released album 'Love is still near' is his dream lived out. This is a powerful album that speaks of heartache, loss, and most of all the hope that love is greater than a feeling, that it is stronger than death........That it is still near.

I'm proud of you Joel. Thanks for being the friend that sticks closer than a brother and for always believing in who I was created to be.

Some other awesome bands played that night as well. I really love all theses guys and their music is amazing! Check out all the photos of their May 3rd Show at Downtown Brew:
Sparrows Gate
Neon Joseph
East and Waiting
Watashi Wa