Florida is like another country!

So I arrived in Florida yesterday and I am thinking..... It's totally like another country! The house I stayed at last night has a real live South American gecko living under the shutter just off her front porch. Stef (with an F) says that it is a bit grumpy when you get close and it can bite/scratch. So.....I got close and stole a picture before he had the chance to jump me. Stef says I was lucky.

Well, I am here to shoot Kate Hanley's wedding. I met Kate a couple of years back when she and her roommate Brynne came to the Central Coast for spring break. When she was here she vowed to fly me out if she ever got engaged.... Thus, me here in Melbourne, FL. It's a little island on the East side. Weird how we had to drive on a bridge to get here. I need to quit doing computer stuff and explore the beach just outside my hotel room. When I get back I will post a couple pictures.

I think this is the best shot I got of the beach behind my hotel on Cocoa Beach. I really wasn't trying to take a picture of these girls laying out, but I also wasn't trying for an award winning beach picture. I took a little swim in the ocean and it was so warm and salty!

This is where the wedding will be tomorrow night. In a park right in front of this little river beach. Does that make it a river front?

This is Ethan and Kate. Tonight I met Ethan and both of their families for the first time during the rehearsal dinner. There were some amazing things said tonight during bridal party speeches. A lot of love in the room; a lot of laughter and tears. They really have some good people around them.