Ethan and Kate in Florida

I am promising myself right now to type up a real quick blog. It's 2am Florida time and I am a bit tired...not to mention sunburned!

Today was nothing short of amazing! Kate was a stunning bride and Ethan was a dude. It is such a pleasure to fly across the country to shoot a wedding for such incredible people. These are people that I would totally hang with if we lived in the same town. I love that there a pockets of rich community in every state and that I got to discover the depth of this one today.

At the reception people kept saying, "Oh! You are the Amazing Cameron that we have heard so much about!" It is always nice to be thought of as amazing. Kate visited me 2 years ago and actually helped me one day get ready for a bridal faire. By the time the week was over she was determined to have me shoot her wedding. She was dating Ethan at the time and wasn't really sure when the engagement would ensue. When it did I may have been one of the first people she called. I am honored to be valued as much as Kate has valued me. It's people like this that make me want to continue to think of creative ways that I can go above and beyond my call of duty to really make their wedding day the best possible experience and to capture their memories in such a way that conveys the heart and soul of the people involved.

Check out a couple more pictures of the wedding and tell someone today that they are amazing. It's just really nice to hear every now and again. Oh! And if you ever go to Florida or any other beachy sunny sure to wear sunscreen and reapply often!!! I am a pink white boy. ;)