The story of Daniel & Halle

Daniel and Halle actually got married a whole year ago. Why they just had a ceremony last Sunday? Let me explain. Well, they started dating a couple of years ago and then they broke up. They didn't hang out for a long time and Halle was rather heart broken. Daniel moves to Hawaii for a year where he came to his senses and realized that he was missing out on the bestest most amazing girl he had ever been with. Daniel moved home and begins the quest of winning back his beloved's heart. One random afternoon the ex-couple bumped into each other downtown. Awkward as it was, Daniel dropped to one knee and asked Halle to forgive him and allow him to date her again. She says 'yes' and before any of us know it they are in Hawaii a couple weeks later with Halle's family getting married on some tropically romantic beach!

So that basically left a lot of us confused hearing stories that Daniel and Halle are not only 'back together' but that they eloped in Hawaii! Last Sunday we celebrated their one year anniversary. They exchanged their personal vows for the first time and Daniel played a love song he wrote for Halle. It was really awesome to share in celebrating their love and commitment for one another.

Here are a couple from the ceremony...

So here's a fun fact! One of the couples who were in the wedding party, Darren & Jessie Clark are good friends of mine. Today is their anniversary and I shot their wedding 4 years ago. Their wedding was THE wedding that made me decide to become a photographer! So, I guess it's my anniversary too! Amazing to think about where I've come in 4 years... I remember the excitement of the day and a voice inside me saying 'I made you to do this!'
(Darren is the guy with hair in the band picture below. Darren and his wife now own and run their very own guitar school here in SLO called Music Lab)

Lastly, the coolest wedding shoes I have ever seen!