The Rebirth of The Wedding Standard!


I'm so excited to announce the rebirth of The Wedding Standard! About 4 years ago I dreamed up The Wedding Standard. The dream was to showcase all of the incredible artists that worked locally in the wedding industry. I had worked a couple of weddings back then where the bride complained about how 'this or that' vendor ruined her wedding. (Yikes!) How the vendor was more about 'themselves' than the couple. I was embarrassed to be called a wedding professional alongside these people. It's tragic when something like that happens but I realized that it wouldn't be productive for me to focus on and broadcast the negative. Instead of telling people who not to book, I decided I would direct my attention to all of the amazing vendors who do what they love and do it with excellence. Thus, The Wedding Standard began.

My intent was to post once a month a fresh artist interview with someone amazing. Being a busy, busy photographer, I didn't have the time that I thought I would be able to dedicate to this labor of love. I posted once every few months and over 4 years have only showcased a little over 20 artists. The Wedding Standard didn't really reach the place I dreamed it could. And it just couldn't by my efforts alone.

A few months ago I got a call from a DJ friend of mine; Joshua Jones. He owns the DJ company Goodbeat Productions and manages one of our featured artists Malik Miko. Josh shares a similar heart for the wedding industry and offered to come alongside me to help me make The Wedding Standard all I've ever dreamed it to be. Since we partnered we've rebranded, revamped the website, and expanded the service that The Wedding Standard provides.

What's New: -Fun and Cool Branding. No more pink! Pink was so 4 years ago. Thanks to 805 Collective for their skills! -Venue Finder. The Central Coast Wedding Standard will be THE PLACE for newly engaged couples to find their perfect venue. You can search almost every venue in the county by location or style. There is also a map attached to each venue for instant GPS-ing around. -A whole New Website! It will be much easier to navigate through our artist interviews and venues. -Better Interview Questions. It's our intent that you not only get to know the business, but also the people behind the businesses. -Email Subscription. Sign up with your email and get the newest post delivered straight into your inbox.

What's Coming: -Many More Artist Interviews! We have a batch of interviews in the oven right now. Stay tuned! -Discussion Forum. This will be the place for The Wedding Standard to become a community. Couples will be able to post questions or reviews on vendors they've used. -Vendor Guide. This will be a short cut to meeting all of the awesome vendors around who haven't had the opportunity to be interviewed yet. -Eye Candy. We are working on launching a blog after the New Year that will feature some of the most beautiful real weddings you've seen on the Central Coast. -A Launch Party in February called Come Together. It's going to be epic. Dust off your dancing shoes. -Some Top Secret Plans. If I told you... It wouldn't be top secret.

The Central Coast is saturated with artistic people and I'm honored to live, work and create alongside of these amazing individuals and businesses! Josh and I are excited to make The Wedding Standard all that it can be so that couples can find the right vendor for all of their wedding needs.

To help us launch our new site and brand Mark Padgett Event Design is our newest Featured Artist. So... what are you waiting for?!

Check out the new Central Coast Wedding Standard and Mark Padgett's interview!!!