The Happiest Couple on Earth

Aaron & Sam are the happiest couple on earth... well, almost. Disneyland is Sam's happy place (enough to merit 'his & hers' season passes) and as far as Aaron is concerned he could probably go less than once a month and still feel like a real boy.

We started out in Fullerton at their wedding venue, an old mansion turned museum. They wanted a couple of shots in the museum, but there was already a splattering of photographs on the walls, which didn't make for the best backdrop. Sam confessed her obsession for Disneyland and I liked the idea. After a little coaxing, we convinced Aaron to agree to moving the session to Sam's most happy place. We headed straight for Toon-Town, shot some pictures in front of a few toon buildings and caught a couple roller coaster rides.

We took a lot of goofy pictures (pardon the pun) and then I called for a band shot. Aaron locked in and gave me his best rocker face. Up until that moment he complained that he didn't like getting his picture taken. However, growing up playing in bands he has had plenty of experience pulling the rock-star look; which he did fantastically! I have found when shooting guys, you have to find a way in... a way to make the romantic engagement session 'cool' or 'chill'. This was Aaron's in.

I couldn't help but steal a couple pictures of this cute kid totally enjoying his lollie sitting atop a train. It's amazing at that age the power a simple sucker has to make life full of meaning and purpose. I got caught, as his parents were standing right there watching. I appologized for photographing their kid without permission and then offered to email them the images. They were happy enough. Lucky me!

I had so much fun hanging out and becoming friends with Aaron and Sam! I am excited to shoot their wedding later this fall. Thanks Sam for sharing D-land and it's secret facts with me and thanks Aaron for humoring your wife to be. You are going to be a great husband and I am sure you will keep Sam smiling well into the age of wrinkles and laugh lines.