Tacky Office Christmas Party

Friday night we had our 2nd annual Tacky Christmas Party. This year's theme was extended to 'Tacky OFFICE Christmas Party'. Anna and I have become big fans of 'The Office' recently with their outdated clothing stlye and frequent awkward moments. Jeff & Kim Newsom were the couple of the night and Jeff never broke out of character. His 'office name' was Herb. Herb is a simple man. Herb doesn't say much. Herb just kinda stares at you through his bifocals until his moustache creeps you out and you have to get up and make an excuse as to why you are leaving the conversation. Herb has an arm that doesn't go down and no one has the nerve to ask Herb why. Herb also won the white elephant trophey of the night, a sweet new Mac SE. Herb is one proud Mac owner.