Steffan + Suzette {Engagement, San Luis Obispo}

Steffan and Suzette are such a sweet couple! We had an awesome time during their engagement session afterwards having drinks at a pub downtoqn. They went to Cal Poly so San Luis Obispo holds a special place in their hearts. They actually found me at a wedding I shot this past summer for some friends of theirs who also went to Cal Poly, Brian and Cheryl.

We are thrilled to be shooting their wedding next week in Cancun! Suzette claims it is a bit of a task planning a destination wedding, but the reward is so great for everyone invited. It forces people to make a weeks celebration of the wedding. You dont really go to somewhere like Cancun for one day. I hear that in the ancient days of wedding celebrations people used to party for a solid week, and I am glad that Steffan and Suzette are bringing it back! Cant wait!