Shayne + Ashleigh {Wedding, Nipomo}

Shayne + Ashleigh got married in Shaynes grandparents backyard. What an enchanted little grove of trees and hangy stuff! I felt honored to be there to witness their wedding because they really only had family and close friends in attendance.

There are some fun little facts about this couple that ties my story and their story together. If you are into it, read on!

Fact #1: Years ago Ashleigh worked with my wife Anna at her dads auto body shop. I used to go into the office and visit Ashleigh when I would meet her father there for lunch once a week. (confused yet?) It was those random Tuesday afternoons that I would chat with the blonde girl who sat in the desk looking very office-professional with her phone head piece that reminded me of a country music singers microphone. One of those random lunch days I invited the cute blonde to a group outing and the rest is history.

Fact #2: My mother in law made this dress by hand! Crazy lady, huh?! She did an amazingly amazing job. Ashleigh had a vision, expressed it to Vickey and they were both so pleased with the result! If anyone wants a one of a kind Victoria original hit me up. I have her details.

Mr. Miagi wasnt exactly one of the groomsmen but he asked me if I could take a picture of him and his dogs.

Fact #3: I actually photographed Shaynes cousins wedding 2 years ago at this same location. That was the first time that I met Shayne. You may recognize Denton from some of the pictures that are in my wedding gallery. It was so awesome to see both Denton and Sayde again as well as their newest family addition!

Fact #4: Ashleighs father Jose married them. He is my good friend and also my pastor.

Fact #5: Ashleigh looked stunning! (that actually has nothing to do with me, but its true) You could really sense the joy that flowed from Shayne as he gazed into his new brides deep blue eyes! What an awesome day!