Sean + Beth {San Luis Obispo}

This is one of my favorite top-secret photo locations. It is so secret that no one knows where it is! (except for Sean, Beth and about a dozen other photographers by now ;) Oh well, I still enjoy shooting there because each couple always helps me to see something new and magical.

After leaving the barn we ventured around until we found some train tracks with a nice tree backdrop to match the vision that Beth was looking for. We parked right next to the ‘no parking anytime’ sign and had to rappel down the dirt wall using what Beth referred to as a ‘hobo rope’. While Sean and I second guessed the strength of the rope, Beth shimmied down the cliff with no hesitation. It was an adventure indeed!

Sean and Beth are getting married at The Holland Ranch; another one of my favorite barn + country locations (I have many). It is a fitting venue since Sean is a dairy man. When I told him that my wife dreams of having a pet brown cow someday he said he would bring one over and drop it off when they come into town for the wedding because he has billions of cows! Too bad we don’t have a bigger backyard or we would take him up on the offer. ;)