Rico + Rachel

Rico and Rachel got married in Rico's father's backyard in beautiful San Marcos, California. My wife and I had the pleasure of spending a Sunday afternoon with them celebrating their marriage. They did such a great job decorating the backyard that it really had a magical romantic feel. Months before they’re wedding Rachel told me about this coral tree that she wanted pictures in front of because it was her favorite. It totally reminded me of a tree straight out of Dr. Seuss and then the next day while hanging out in Carmel we learned that Dr. Seuss is from Carmel. Interesting… In fact Rachel is very 'green' concious. So much so that her party favors were Gladiolas bulbs. We brought a couple home and are still planning on incorporating them into the Ingalls garden here in San Luis.

Well, we are really excited for Rico and Rachel. They have a long life of love and adventure ahead of them.

Here are some shots from their recent engagement session.