Reporting Live From Texas

This is the house I found myself waking up in this morning. I am in a small Texan town called Huntsville visiting some friends, Eli and Mandy Stewart. My wife Anna and Mandy are best friends from high school days. Ironically enough I photographed Eli and Mandys engagement pictures four years ago when I was just starting out. They moved out here to Texas a couple of years ago to lead a campus ministry at Sam Houston State University. It turns out that we find out over the Holidays when they were home for Christmas that {Cameron Ingalls, Inc.} is big in Texas. Ive always secretly wanted to be a big deal somewhere. Ha... Texas!

So while we are out here hanging with our friends we will try our best to give away what we have been given. A passion of my heart has been seeing people live their dreams. I will do a little workshop and/or seminar for the photo majors that have been following my work. I am excited to share my dream for photography and the story of how God has brought me to the place I am today.

And of course the lovely Anna Ingalls is by my side. I am excited to do this together as a team. Marriage is really great! We love being best-friends, partners and world travelers together.

I look forward to meeting all ya Texans this week!