Recent Engagement Session

I had A LOT of fun shooting this couple, Josh & Hanna, a couple of weeks back. They weren't completely sure where they wanted their pictures taken so we wandered around San Luis Obispo keeping our eyes wide open for some golden spots. We found so many awesome little city backdrops for the telling of their love story.

This is a couple that I met with over a year ago and they ended up having to postpone their wedding abruptly. I was excited when they called back a few months ago to talk about setting a new date. They will get married at the end of this month on a Sunday. I really respect the way they have put the wedding on hold so that they can be more prepared for marriage. I am sure that God will bless them a billion fold for their sacrifice and obedience. I hope they don't mind me sharing all of this...But I really think it could be an example to others on the road to marriage. You know, a wedding is just one day, but marriage SHOULD last a lifetime. That's the point anyways. Marriage should be embarked upon carefully just as any journey is when there is no turning back. Congrats Josh & Hanna! May God bless your years with continual wisdom, understanding, and the joy of losing your life for Him and each other....only to find it again in Him.