Pumpkin Farm with Kate

I was just thinking the other day, I dont really do much personal work. I have my reasons. For one, I dont get much pleasure photographing things or landscapes or sunsets even. I only love to shoot people. I try my best to not break out the big gun while on vacation and such because the vacation turns into a full on photo shoot. Its hard for me to take it easy. So I guess that the closest thing to my personal work would be my new family. This is my niece, Kate. Cute as a button, but growing so fast that I feel compelled to capture each little stage of her existence. When my wife and I were dating she insisted that she be my girlfriend too. We even took her on her own dates away from her siblings. She was a bit confused, however, when we got married and she couldnt get married too. I had to convince her that having me as an uncle instead of a boyfriend was a way better deal. Some of the shots of my wife Anna and I were taken by little 6 year old Kate. She loves using my camera even though she can barely hold it. The lens we were using is my fixed 35mm. Its taken me awhile to get the hang of it, but it is quickly becoming on of my favorite lenses.