Premarital Counseling by The Kriwinskis {The Wedding Standard}

I’m really excited to introduce all of you to my favorite in-laws in the universe, Gunther and Vickey Kriwinski! These guys are responsible for putting Anna together and raising her with so much love that by the time I met her, at 25 years of age, I had discovered the woman of my dreams.

It is always amazing to see people ahead of me in years doing the thing that I want to be doing when I am well into their age. For Gunther and Vickey family is a huge priority; but more specifically, their commitment to one another. They have 3 grown children all of which are married; and lots of grandkids to top it all off! Family holidays and get-togethers are spent full of love and joy; peace and hope. Not so with a lot of families. During Christmas when Gunther is dressed in his silly Santa hat and elf vest distributing presents to the eager grandkids I am reminded that the reward didn’t come easy. I know they have had their ups and downs. The years when it just seemed to hard to continue on… but their perseverance and commitment to each other has been the glue which continues to reproduce in years and children full of love for generations to come. Thanks Gunther and Vickey for modeling commitment, family and love to Anna and I and for being available to help couples who are getting married start the journey on the right foot.

Anna and I did premarital counseling and we recommend it to ever single couple getting married! It really helped us prepare for most of what we could and will experience. More importantly we developed tools to help us foster a healthy (yet not perfect) marriage that will last until death does us part. We know that our lives could end in ruin; that divorce is inviting us to become part of it’s statistic. And that is why we are actively working on our relationship. Learning to listen and understand each other; learning to live our vows. A wedding is a day; a marriage is for a lifetime. It would benefit your life greatly if you invested just a small percentage of time and money in preparing for the marriage as you do the wedding. All the wedding cake, flowers and photographs won’t mean a thing if in a couple years divorce knocks on your door and serves you papers.

Check out my latest interview with Gunther and Vickey Kriwinski of Married for Keeps on The Wedding Standard and get counseled!

pictures of Gunther and Vickey Kriwinski taken by Cameron Ingalls for their interview about Premarital Counseling on The Wedding Standard