Phone-tography 2.0

Its about that time of the month for me to share some of my most recent phone-tographs. I havent posted much personal work or stories lately because Ive been so busy with weddings this summer. So, to prove that I am still a real person here are some snapshots of my life through the itty-bitty lens of my iphone. Enjoy!

My nephew really wants to enter the baby Olympics.

My friend Joel was a Viking for the day and wanted a picture to send to his girlfriend back in Oklahoma City.

When in Vegas!

What is that thing?!

Never trust your photographer friend to shoot you with a mouth full of corn.

View from Bishops peak. I live somewhere on the left-er-ly regions.

My sis.

I really hope my nephews dont resent me someday for putting bath pictures on the internet for their girlfriends to find.

Our friend James took us to Blue Bottle, one of the best coffee shops in San Francisco.

This is my attempt at shooting something abstract.

Only one self portrait today.

Malik lives right down the street. I interviewed him for The Wedding Standard and forgot my camera. I was loving the light so instead of running a block home, I used my phone.

I shot a wedding in Carmel that my wife was supposed to assist. At the last minute she couldnt go so I got to share the Happy Landing Inn with my faithful friend and second shooter, Mr. Simon Jones. We had breakfast in bed while watching Sunday morning gospel T.V. Good times.

Anna and I are a husband and wife team. I caught her scanning the pages of this book at FedEx!

This kid can rock with or without strings.