Philip & Alicia (Santa Margarita)

Alicia + Philip had a proper wedding day celebration! From the kegs flowing with German beer to the live Polka band, it was hard not to party. They even had helium balloons which I convinced the groomsmen to hold for a picture. Surprisingly, they graciously complied with my weird photographer ideas.

Alicia was thrilled to get married to the man of her dreams! It turns out they were high school sweethearts that broke up and got back together a couple of times. Philip tried dating other girls and ended up just dating girls named Alicia. It got to where his cousin referred to the new Alicias as Alicia 2, Alicia 3, ect. When he got back together with Alicia 1, Phils cousin couldnt decide if Alicia 1 was Alicia 4 or just Alicia 1 again. Phil says she was always number 1.

Thanks to everyone who made Simon and I feel so welcome and loved.

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