Paul + Kierna {New Years Wedding, Atascadero}

This is how Anna and I celebrated the New Year! Paul and Kiernas wedding had a whimsical winter wonderland theme. It was straight up awesome! Guests trickled into their 20s styled home around 8:30 to enjoyed appetizers and beverages just like any other New Years celebration.

Laurel from Adornments decked the halls (and rooms) with all of the lovely flowers and decorations. She really knows how to create a mood! Kierna and Laura are childhood friends. I dont usually get to hang with florists at weddings, so it was really fun to see Laurel there through to the end.

At about 10:00 Pauls 15 year old son performed an spectacular magic show. He did a card trick where the couple had to sign the card that they randomly drew from the deck.

He shuffled thoroughly then fanned the cards on the floor to reveal one blue card in a deck of all red cards.

He drew the card and it was their card! After everyone oooooohed and aaaaaahed he mentioned that the card they chose was the 2 of hearts symbolizing two hearts becoming one. He is one smooth kid!

Around 11:45 the wedding ceremony began. The couple was determined to time the first kiss for the stroke of midnight. However, Kiernas father nervously rushed through his lines and finished with about 2 minutes to spare. Everyone waited in anticipation as the bride and groom held hands and nervously laughed. We watched as the 2008 countdown ended in a kiss which began a new life for Paul and Kierna.

It even snowed!

Happy New Years and happy New Marriage!