Paul + Ginny {Engagement, Menlo Park}

Paul and Ginny are two cool teachers! They actually teach at the same high school. They have had a large audience of high school students gawking at their budding romance. Unfortunately they do not have the budget to invite all of their students. Sorry kids!

We met up with them in Menlo Park for their engagement session. They took us to a friend’s house which is surrounded by beautiful landscaping and a fun little greenhouse. We explored the terrain and found some amazingly beautiful backdrops for their love story.

I really like these two. They are totally teachers, but totally cool too. If that makes any sense. I remember as a kid thinking my teachers lived in their closets at night. It was always really weird seeing them on the outside. I felt privileged to get to hang with them in such an intimate way. If you are a student of Paul or Ginny be sure to drop them a comment and show them some love!

Some random gnomes we spotted in a pond.

They are getting married in two weeks in Carmel. We are so excited to celebrate their wedding just days after Valentines day!