Patrick + Christine {Woodside, CA}

Patrick and Christine are simply delightful people! They have an energy that is like a contagious spark when you are around them. You can’t help but get excited about the daily adventures of living life!

They got married at The Mountain Terrace, which is up in the hills from Redwood City where I spent a few years of my childhood and many summers vacations. Just the smell of the ocean breeze mixed with the towering musty redwoods made me nostalgic and miss my grandparents.

I met Patrick and Christine at a wedding a couple of summers ago. They saw my work on a slideshow and I think Patricks life changed forever. Okay, maybe I am being dramatic, but in that moment he decided that he loved photography, which is a pretty big deal in my book. They also decided that when they were ready to get married that they would call me!

Since then Patrick has been walking the road to becoming a photographer. He has purchased some camera gear and is soaking up any information he can. Before the wedding Patrick and Christine took Anna and I out to lunch so that I could share photography secrets. I gave him a few nuggets and on the walk back we stopped by a wall and I made him photograph Anna and I. He did great! Stop by his blog and give him a shout-out.

I just thought this looked amazing!