Nick + Amanda {Proposal, Tobin James Winery}

It was Memorial weekend and oddly enough I didnt have a single wedding booked. Since I had a weekend off in the middle of my busy season Anna and I decided to pack our bags for a weekend in the city. Minutes before we left the house I got a call from a photographer friend Anna Costa. She was trying to find someone who could do a last minute shoot on Sunday for a top secret proposal. The call was just in time so that we could bring our camera with us and swing through Paso on the way home for the shoot.

My wife and I showed up to Tobin James Winery about 30 minutes before Nick and Amanda did. We scoped out the land and found a cozy little secluded lawn. I wandered around the tasting room until I made eye contact with who looked like the manager. We exchanged a knowing glance and a head nod. As we shook hands we both said each others names. He handed me a Tobin James bottle of congratulations wine that Nick had on reserve.

Anna and I proceeded to wait in my car for Nick to drive up in his Tahoe; it felt like a proper stake out. Once Nick and Amanda were safely inside the tasting room I approached his vehicle to get the ring and the blanket. His car was locked!!! I slightly panicked and then texted him to unlock his car. Unsure that he would receive my text I broke a sweat and approached the window where they were tasting wine just on the other side. I waved my arms awkwardly above my head and gave the international signal for unlock the car. He leaned away from the bar with his arm extended towards the window and pushed the glorious unlock button. All the while Amanda was cluelessly enjoying her wine.

Once I retrieved the blanket and the ring from a very hard to find location in the back of Nicks Tahoe we set up the proposal spot. I gave him one last text; ready or not! Anna and I pretended to be people picnicking on the porch of the big yellow house directly next to the lawn where we had the blanket set up. As they approached I pulled out my camera and began to photograph my wife as she read a book and snacked on some crackers. I was so nervous I think I was shaking! When Amanda saw Anna and I she wouldn’t allow Nick to walk her nearby because she was afraid of interrupting our lunch. Nick told her if she would ever trust him that today would have to be the day. So she allowed him to lead her around the house and straight to the blanket, bottle of wine, and the ring.

After she said YES Nick walked her back into the tasting room where they were greeted with loud cheers and applause from all of the tasters. Amanda was in a state of shock and confusion. ;) After they spent some time celebrating with a room full of perfect strangers we walked around the winery grounds for some engagement pictures. Thanks for having me Nick; what an honor!