; Featured Engagement {Emily + Meeko}; featured engagement. photographs of Emily + Meeko taken by Cameron Ingalls did an excellent feature on a beautiful San Francisco engagement session I did recently of Emily + Meeko. Check out some fun pictures we took exploring their neighborhood in South Beach and read all about their sweet little love story! Click on

The last question in their interview is about me and the engagement session process. It is cool to hear how much they enjoyed getting their pictures taken especially because Emily swore that she wasn’t going to do well. I gave them my normal pep-talk over some pints at an Irish pub and they were good to go! It is my mission to photograph couples just as they are (in all of their true beauty) and to capture them as comfortably and creatively as possible. Emily’s response to this question is exactly why I do engagement sessions complimentary with every wedding collection booked!

Tell us something about your photographer, Cameron Ingalls, that you just loved!
Ok, Cameron is the MAN and I'll tell you why. Meeko and I are so unphotogenic and awkward. We were ridiculously nervous about taking pictures and thought for sure they would all turn out goofy and weird and...well...AWKWARD. BUT THEY ROCKED!!!! And it's because Cameron was hilarious and made us laugh and totally took the edge off....we all embraced the awkwardness and went with it. HAHA! It was actually really, REALLY fun hanging out and shooting together. And now we are actually going to be able to relax with the camera around on our wedding day. The engagement shoot was a great way to break the ice!”