My Wife is InStyle!

How amazing is this?!

If you pick up a current copy of InStyle Weddings and flip to around page 90 you will find an ad for that features a stunningly beautiful picture of my lovely wife! The magazine has been on stands for a couple of weeks now. I was waiting for either Jeff or Anna to blog about it, but I guess they are both a little humble. Therefore, I will have to be the proud husband and friend to say just how awesome it is to have had one of the most amazing wedding photographers, Jeff Newsom, document our day and to have such a stunning bride! asked Jeff for a picture of Anna from our wedding because they said that she was just sooo beautiful. It is true. So many people that have seen our images comment about just how beautiful she looked that day. I think it really came down to the fact that she knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that she was loved. A woman who knows love is a woman of stunning and endless beauty. said that they have already had tremendous feedback from this image and so many brides are inquiring about where Anna got her dress. She picked it up at Down The Aisle and it was made by a Canadian designer called Selena. Anna really just wanted something simple and elegant that worked perfectly with her body type. It was also important to her to find a dress that didnt look like every other brides dress that I have photographed. She wanted to be the most beautiful bride that I have ever laid my eyes upon. She was and she still is.