Monica & Mike (Los Osos)


Monica and Mike live in Los Osos so they took me to one of their favorite trails. I was thrilled to explore a whole new spot on the Coast that I have never been! It was one of those clear beach days where the air feels so perfect I can only compare it to the feeling of sitting in the perfect bath; not too hot and not too cool. Monica expressed her excitement and nervousness about getting photographed from the day we met. She told me that they only had one good picture of themselves from their entire 8 years of romance. ONE PICTURE!!! She also let me know that they probably weren't too 'good looking' in front of the camera. Well, I reassured them that I only photograph real people, not models and that most of my couples say the same things. We got to shooting and because they are so comfortable together and so in love photographing them was easy like cherry pie. Not sure what is easy about 'cherry pie' but it is just one of those saying; right?

I took a couple of shots with my phone and showed them at the end of our session and Monica let out a squeal of delight! She couldn't believe how naturally beautiful they looked.

We can't wait for Monica & Mike's wedding next month. Because Monica and her family are Indian they are having a Mendhi ceremony the day before a Western ceremony. Can't wait to experience their cultures coming together!