Mexico Photo Re-Mix {digital+film}

Most of these photos were taken during the hanging out and exploring time. I’ve been experimenting with two types of film cameras; Holga and Hasselblad. Jose’s fine art film has inspired me to play! Each produces such a distinct flavor. It’s interesting to see them both mixed in here with my digital images. A lot of these pictures are of me; taken by Gene Higa or the lovely Mrs. Ingalls. It is fun to be on the other side of the camera once and awhile. ;)

The workshop team; Jose Villa, Joel Serrato, Ann Hamilton, Gene Higa, Lacie, Anna Ingalls and Me!

Lacie is Jose’s assistant and worked hard to make the workshop run smooth as tequila. She was/is amazing!

The awesome Joel Serrato. He rocks the Super8 world in the best way. I will post his footage from the trip whenever it gets developed and made into a movie. Can’t wait!

A bigger than life statue at the Jose Cuervo plant in the town of Tequilla.

Gene shot this one.

So I shot him back.

My wife is the hottest photographer! I love this Hasselblad image. So crisp and clean.

I don’t know why I am always so serious. I think that is why God gave me Anna. ;)

Here I am shooting it up!