What an amazingly restful holiday! I took the past two weeks off from work and stayed home; which is more of a challenge than you might think. Anna and I spent lots of time with our family and friends. Most vacations take us away from home and while we love to travel sometimes we feel like we miss out on the pure and undefiled awesomeness of San Luis Obispo.

Even though it has been good for me to take these couple of weeks off I found myself getting rather restless thinking of all the wonderful things I want to do for my business. I would sneak into my office to catch up on emails and then I would want to blog and then I would hear that voice. The one telling me to rest… and play. To enjoy all of the wonderful people that make up my family and friends. Because, what else is life but an journey and an adventure to share with the ones we love? Word.

I just had to post these goofy elf pictures to ceremoniously end the Holiday season. We had fun renting these costumes and dressing up for our Christmas Card. Our Photographer, Jeff Newsom (well, his wife) gave birth to the most beautiful baby on Christmas day. I would probably want to steal it if I didn’t have a chance of having my own. Now…I’m a creep. ;) I gotta get back to work; too much fresh air is making me crazy!