Me and my Mammoth Adventures

Jeff Newsom took this picture of me for my avatar. I love the way Newsom thinks not just outside of the box; but out of this universe!

I was kidnapped and smuggled to Utah for a week by 11 dudes for Mammoth Men 4. Luckily I was able to escape after a week of revelry, photo-taking, and profuse blog posting. We stayed in an amazing mansion in Park City, Utah. Our activities included snowboarding, tubing, snowmobiling, in-door skydiving, and a little more snowboarding. We were sponsored by a lot of awesome companies to post our adventures daily. We ran some really fun contests for our readers and even a fundraiser for a couple of beautiful non-profit organizations. It was a time of male-bonding, inspiration, and encouragement. Being a part of the Mammoth Men made me want to be a better photographer and an all around better man. Since I’m usually behind the camera I thought it would be cool to show pictures that the guys got of me.

Sean Flanigan poached this Newsom creation. ;) But I’m glad he did because it has such a different feel.

Jory Cordy is such a deeeelight!

Where’s Ingalls?

Michael Norwood is an amazing dude!

A little more Newsom love. Indoor skydiving was harder than the real thing. You had to try not to hit the walls. When I went real-outdoor skydiving all you had to do was try not to hit the ground!
Caught eating ice-cream in the freezer again. ;)

J.C. and The A’pause’stles.

Nate Kaieser’s famous Crazy Booth!

Nice little wake up call… Thanks dudes!

MAMMOTH MEN WAKE UP CALL! from nate kaiser on Vimeo.