Matthew + Elizabeth

Matthew and Elizabeth were such an easy couple to work with! They loved me so much they flew me clear across the country to shoot their wedding in Winter Park, Florida. It always makes such a difference when a couple really appreciates my work and style. They really trust me and allow me to be creative and have fun. As a result we got awesome pictures of them and their bridal party. Since their wedding took place in a train station I milked everything I could out of the train tracks. I took this same picture of their lower halves standing on the tracks the night before when they were just in their regular hipster outfits. We had to be especially careful because a train came by at least a couple times an hour. I am happy to say that no one was hurt in the making of these pictures. ;)

This is Kate Bosch. I shot her wedding last summer in Satellite Beach, Florida. Kate's maid of honor at the time was Elizabeth. This year Kate was Elizabeth's maid of honor and that is how I came to Winter Park... Just a little inside fact. Check out pictures from Kate's wedding last year here.