Martin + Lauren {and Kyler}

Martin and Lauren are getting married this Sunday! I am so looking forward to this wedding because Lauren’s brother is one of my bestest friends. We ventured through my old home town of Paso Robles to snap up their engagement pictures. I love that Lauren wanted to include her son Kyler in on the photo action. He was super shy at first, but I used my ancient child taming ninja techniques to get him to open up for me. By the end of the session Kyler would call out, ‘Now take a picture of me; here!’ They make a beautiful family already!

Someone decided to model like uncle Justin.

Marty works at the Crooked Kilt where they first met. He told us the story of how he asked for Lauren’s digits and got denied. She told him to call her group of friends together if he wanted to hang out with her. Well, Marty was persistent and didn’t only eventually get her phone number, but also her hand in marriage.