Mammoth Men -Let the awesomeness begin!

I am so excited to be invited as an honorary Mammoth Men… Or man!? Anyways, I'm really excited to go on this crazy man-cation with some of the most awesome photographers! It will be a sight to behold and thus I give you...

What are Mammoth Men?

“twelve photographers (of the wedding and portrait variety) + a giant cabin in the mountains + fresh snow for days + six days of blog readers "choosing our adventure" while we crash upon Park City, Utah = A TRIP OF A LIFETIME!!!

the origin of the Mammoth Men:

in the early winter months of 2008, eight celebrated, award-winning and downright awesome photographers from all over the country grabbed their snowboards to ride the mountains of mammoth, california. this marked the beginning of what is now known as…wait for it…the MAMMOTH MEN. what ensued during that getaway was a week filled with adventure, spontaneity, hijinks and storied tales. a bond was forged amongst these men and a commitment made to doing it again, and doing it often!

during 2008, the Mammoth Men hit the road for two more trips. only on these trips, they loaded up 12 men in a Prevost rock star tour bus. on the first trip, they headed up the California Coast for five days of ruckus and shared it on their traffic happy blog. with the success of the first trip notched on their belts, they then ventured into the American Southwest documenting an epic amount of glorious insanity. the blog following continued even after these two trips had ended and garnered media attention in the blogosphere and in magazine publications.

well, the guys are back! in the fourth installment of the MAMMOTH MEN, they are bundling up and heading to the greatest snow on earth - Park City, Utah. watch the mayhem unfold as they shack up in a ginormous cabin and proceed to melt the faces and snow off of the surrounding inhabitants and terrain. with more adventures, more shenanigans, and more camaraderie...more bobsledding?"
it's not just another's a lifestyle.”